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The National Minority Health Association (NMHA) today announced that it is embarking on a PSA campaign that will play a key role in getting minority communities to take the COVID-19 vaccine and end this pandemic. The "Not Throwing Away My Shot" vaccine trust campaign will debut as a public service announcement on cable networks, social media, and via local and national influencers.


“Our partnership with Progressive Care is designed to focus on the COVID-19 digital passport roll-out to support the Company’s first line health service providers who see, touch, and bring solutions directly to the patient. Phase 1 of the myVax™ platform launch will be made available to the patient population well beyond the COVID 19 pandemic. The full scope of our commitment to this partnership will bring transformational outcomes to patient adherence and self-management of disease to the rapidly growing Telehealth marketplace. We are so proud to have Progressive Care as a partner,” said Stanley Campbell, CEO and Chairman of EagleForce Health, LLC.

Astho COVID-19 TechXpo: A Conference of Industry Movers featuring CEO, Stanley Campbell


Listen to CEO Stanley Campbell discuss current advancements in COVID-19 technology at the Astho TechXpo Conference!

The myVax Impact - St. Louis Fire Department


Listen to the chief of the fire department discuss the impact myVax has been making on the city of St. Louis and their citizens!

myVax - Face the Nation PSA


Watch our PSA feature on Face the Nation!!

myVax - A News Segment with Mayor Suarez of Miami, Fl


Listen to Mayor Suarez speak on his experience with myVax on WUSA9, as he urges Americans to adapt the myVax platform for use nationwide!

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson says it's important for communities to partner with a company like MyVax


Listen to Mayor Lyda Krewson of St. Louis, MO, as she gives a synopsis of how the myVax platform will help the residents of her city and the rest of the nation!

A Conference with the Mayor of Miami


A recent partnership with Mayor Suarez and the city of Miami will make myVax available to the community! This partnership will increase access to transformative healthcare through the use innovative technology such as Telehealth, Persistent Monitoring, and Community Resources.

myVax™ - Interview with our CEO and a Former US Navy Captain


Listen to the prominent leadership driving the innovation behind myVax™! WUSA9's Great Day Washington presents Retired US Navy Captain Cynthia Macri (Chief Medical Officer, EagleForce Associates) and the CEO, Stanley Campbell, to discuss the various ways in which myVax™ has been enabling citizens to take control of their own health data.

myVax - A Conversation with Congressman Todd Tiahrt on WUSA9's Great Day Washington


Watch Congressman Todd Tiahrt and our very own Marlen Rosales on Great Day Washington as they explain how myVax™ can help you track, trace and monitor your vaccines and medication for life and why it is so important!

myVax - Featured on WUSA9's Great Day Washington


Watch our featured interview on WUSA9's Great Day Washington! This interview presents the capabilities and daily use scenarios of the myVax platform, as seen through the lens of Dr. Dan Morhaim and senior EagleForce Associates systems analyst Stanley Campbell III.

myVax - The Intelligent, Patient Centered Health Platform


Before you vax, get myVax™. MyVax™ is an affordable, single system platform that puts you in control of your vaccinations, medical records and health history and allows you to own and control your data. Track, trace, and monitor COVID-19 vaccinations, individual and family immunizations, symptoms and potential medication/vaccination interactions. Get real time access to labs and tests, monitor symptoms and share directly with your physician or clinician. Store all your health documents into one platform, regardless of source or healthcare provider, and determine who gets access. Get immediate alerts for vaccine developments and recalls and report symptoms directly from the system. Affordable for an individual or the entire family.

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